PF Solvent Power Cable & Electrical Cleaning Solvent

PF Solvent is a high flash point solvent cleaner and degreaser for cable cleaning prior to cable jointing, maintenance of cables, switchgear, network equipment and electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing. Removes greases, jelly, oils, soils, tar and bitumen residues. Suitable for use on high voltage (HV), medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) applications and leaves no residue after complete evaporation.  Designed to IEEE Recommendations.


Applications for PF Solvent Power Cable & Electrical Cleaning Solvent

  • Cleaning cables prior to cable jointing and before installing the sealing end
  • Removal of semi-conducting insulation shield residue, silicone grease and dirt
  • Fiberglass cleaner for hot sticks, trucks and other equipment
  • Cleaning & degreasing of cable oversheaths , cable metallic sheaths and connectors
  • Removal of bitumen protection
  • Cleaning & degreasing of extruded insulation cores
  • Cleaning & degreasing of moulded and extruded joint and termination components
  • Cleaning & degreasing of conductor connectors
  • Cleaning very soiled joints/ covers and transformer connectors etc.
  • Preparation of cable end terminations/ splices and construction of cable joints
  • Cleaning, rebuilding, retrofitting and maintaining large generators, transformers and motors
  • Cleaning & degreasing of metallic and plastic tools on completion of work
  • Cleaning & degreasing electrical equipment and components including high voltage (HV)
  • Degreasing solvent for assembling connectors on underground cable


Key Benefits of PF Solvent Power Cable & Electrical Cleaning Solvent

  • High flash point safer solvent cleaner
  • Residue free cleaning ensures no earth tracking or hot spots
  • Dielectric solvent up to 39kV
  • High voltage approved to 440kV
  • Controlled evaporation rate reduces solvent consumption, VOC emissions & costs compared to fast evaporating cleaning solvents
  • Compatibility tested with most materials found in power networks
  • Excellent cable compatibility with various cable jacket materials
  • Use on PVC, MDPE, Lead, Aluminium, XLPE, EPR, Copper, Silicon, EPDM and Brass
  • Elastimold tested on their conductive rubber
  • Did not diminish the strength of porcelain, epoxy or Glastic insulation, increase the affinity of porcelain to attract dirt, significantly affect switch contact resistance or the dielectric strength of oil or silicon during testing
  • No deleterious effects on semi-conductor materials or commonly used gasket materials
  • No lasting or serious impact on dielectric values of paper insulation tested
  • Cleans most oils and greases, including room temperature residual fuel oil
  • Did not exhibit any significant effects in testing on semi-conductor adhesion and mechanical strength or cause significant change in semi-conductor volume resistivity

Packaging for PF Solvent Power Cable & Electrical Cleaning Solvent

PF Solvent is available in liquid and impregnated (pre-saturated) wipes with a low lint cloth. Pre-saturated wipe system eliminates the hazardous storage, transport and logistic issues of loose flammable liquids.

  • 1 litre bottle (12 bottles/case)
  • 250 wipe bucket (each)
  • 24 wipe flat pack (30 packs/case)
  • Trigger sprays available to accompany 1 litre bottle (each)

Key Approvals, Users & Recommendations for PF Solvent Cleaner

  • ABB
  • Boston Edison
  • Doble Engineering Company
  • Elastimold
  • Electricity Northwest
  • Electric Ireland
  • General Electric
  • Georgia Power
  • N.V. Kema
  • NKT Cables
  • Northern Powergrid
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Pfisterer
  • Potomac Electric Power Company
  • Prysmian (Pirelli)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Scottish & Southern Energy
  • SP Energy Networks
  • Südkabel
  • Tyco Electronics
  • UK Power Networks
  • Western Underground


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PF Solvent Power Cable Cleaning Demonstration

This is a demonstration of cable cleaning prior to cable jointing using PF Solvent cable cleaning wipes.